30 September 2015
Hi, well I can't believe it - NOTHING arrives in Tasmania in one day, but your hats did! I love them - thanks so much. Your service is amazing!
Maree Biber

28 August 2015
"MEKOE!" Wow! What a lovely shop with excellent staff! Thank you! Best wishes
Gayle Vecchio

27 August 2015
I am very happy to bought my gift from Mekoe. Thanks!

17 August 2015
Very sad. We have had such a good time purchasing all our beautiful hats and shoes from this store. We will miss you!
Judy Risa

14 August 2015
A very sad day to find out that this beautiful shop is closing. It is so unique and Beryl was always pleasant and always helped me with my purchases. I wish her the best in her future.

23 July 2015
Kobie was very helpful in helping me to purchase a soap. Very friendly and efficient. Great shop! Thank you!

11 June 2015
Such a lovely friendly atmosphere. Thank you!

14 May 2015 Wonderful service received today! It was a pleasurable experience. Thank you Beryl:-)

19 May 2015
A special trip to Carindale, just stop to this store! Wonderful service and beautiful products! Thanks Jane:-)
Kelly C.

14 May 2015
Desperately required advice on colours for many items. Jane went abore and beyond to my suggestions within my price range. Always great service and beautiful products.

14 May 2015
I love this shop! Always something new. Great for 21st. Service is helpful.

06 May 2015
My husband and I had a really fun, focused and successful time here in search of a hat for the races (Burrandowan). Jane was efficient, very friendly in her attention to exactly what we needed. Best of all, they are so helpful though there were lots of trying on, because I haven't worn those glamorous hats except only on my wedding day! Thank so much!!

03 March 2015
Great service from Beryl! Happy and friendly and professional. Great Accessories!

20 February 2015
Outstanding service! Not often that staff go the extra mile with a happy smile πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!

17 January 2015
Very nice staff! Accessories are beautiful! Thanks a lot!

12 January 2015
Amazing staff! I love it all!

12 January 2015
I like it but the choices to match my outfit do not match, but I like the accessories!

12 January 2015
Beautiful shop full of lots of beautiful accessories!

06 January 2015
WOO-HOO!! From Canberra and I will be back! Great items and prices and service! Top Rate! Nice to have a chat without being pushed into buying. Will look for orange shoes next time!:)
November 27, 2014
Always find fabulous unique gifts quickly in this store! Great staff! always helpful and friendly!

November 24, 2014
Loved the shoes but need to change the rooms. Thanks
J. Clere

November 06, 2014
Such a great surprise to win such lovely gifts from an excellent shop with great staff!! Thank you!!

October 31, 2014
Beryl was so helpful showing me many different options. She was delightful. We got there in the end and found just the right one.
Sue Godwis

October 01, 2014
Lovely shop and lovely ladies!

October 01, 2014
Thank you so much. Beautiful shoes!
J.M. Matthews

October 01, 2014
Champion Shop! Good help!
Frank Cambols - England

September 23 2014
Lovely jewelry at a reasonable price. God bless!

July 24, 2014
Out of this world!!:-)
Donna Hurley - New Zealand

June 06, 2014
Please return to Garden City.

June 06, 2014
Please come back to Garden City. I miss Jane and Carindale is too far for me.

June 26, 2014
What a wonderful store for my age group (80). Great service - Beryl is always so helpful and patient. I will always pop in and browse when I am in the complex. Please keep this store open.

May 31, 2014
You have a wonderful store! Excellent service given by Beryl. So nice to be treated like a real person and helped with my purchase (very rare today)

May 28,2014
Impressed by the service and outstanding staff (Claire)! Love the shop!!
19 December 2013
Jane, thank you for all your help with all my gifts. It was a real pleasure to stop in the store. I love walking around and around the store, there is so much to see and enjoy.Have a great Christmas with you and your family. God bless.
PS: See you in 2014:-) Lyn

12 December 2013
Dear Jane, May you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Still having fun with you and your shop and when my boat comes in with all the $ I may have I come with you. God bless you and your hubby.xxx

10 November 2013
Absolutely loved your shop. Gorgeous jewelries. Jane was so very helpful.

22 July 2013
I absolutely love your displays! They are easy to look for things, inspiring and full of great ideas and items. Thank you for making accessory shopping (and pressies) so enjoyable πŸ™‚
Kathy Dueyer

02 July 2013
The customer service was fantastic! Good range of items. PS: The arrangement of items in colors is very pleasing to the eye and easier to decide on products to buy.

27 June 2013
Every time I get the opportunity to come to Garden City, I make it my mission to call in, checking out the new goodies, love my bags, purses, etc.!!! Love it!!xxx PS: From Gold Coast
Sue Tudge
25 June 2013
Love it!! Love Red!!

13 June 2013
Mekoe is a fantastic place to shop!!! I really love the accessories, excellent price, well within the budget, they look fantastic, not to mention the quality!!! I know where I'm going to shop in the future... especially when I have a special event coming up!!! A Big Thank-you for your assistance ladies (Claire and Claire)... you made my day!!!xx
Susan Tudge

07 June 2013
Mekoe Accessories. Love it., I enjoy buying accessories from this shop especially now when i won $500 worth of accessories. How fantastic is that. Shop assistants are friendly and helpful. Great place to be!
Jocelyn Hansen

I shopped till I dropped! Thank you very much Mekoe Accessories Carindale. Greatest store ever!

09 June 2013
Beautiful xo
Moyalia Tokmak

04 June 2013
Mekoe have beautiful hats for us Red Hat Ladies love this shop
Judy Smerdon

10 May 2013
How fantastic! This is SOOOOO you! beautiful.
Catherine Dean

31 March 2013
Haven't got any plans for Easter ????? Come down to Mekoe at DFO !!!! Lovely day to wonder through our store at DFO!!!
Maddison Molcanovs

13 February 2013
What a great shop love all the team
Janelle Reedman

14 January 2013
I just want to say that I purchased a purple hat (one in window today) last Tuesday the 8/1/12 and wore it out on Sunday. I had so many comments on how lovely it looked. Thank you.

07 January 2013
I absolutely love the gorgeous merchandise in this shop and everything is so different and unique. I come back again and again.
20 December 2012
This store is classy and elegant. Beautifully presented and the staff are delightful. I feel like a real lady in here!

Β  06 December 2012
Thank you so much for your assistance. Am really happy with my new hat. Beautiful store!!!
Dr. P. P

Β  31 October 2012
For the last four years I have brought hats from the beautiful shop for Melbourne Cup functions. Jane is so helpful and the range of hats, fasinators ETC is wonderful and I can always fine what I need.

Β  I love this shop, so many treasures to be found!

Β  30 October 2013
I traveled down from the Sunshine Coast to visit the store cause my mum told me about the shop as she lives locally. I was so excited with the amount of choice and colours. Wish we had this store up on the coast and I had excellent service from Jane.
T.T. - Sunshine Coast

Β  29 October 2012
I happened on the store by chance, wow its great. I found the silver Fascinator that I thought was going to be impossible to find. There is no way that I could have of found this in East Timor, where I am currently posted with the ADF πŸ™‚

26 October 2012
My favorite shop! Lovely lady running the shop, always helpful. Fantastic stock, never fail to find just the right thing. And most important at an unbelievable affordable price. Top marks to all.

25 October 2012 Just love your shop. The service is just great. I am on your VIP list. Tend to spend my money in this shop.

24 October 2012
Just passing! Attracted by the hats displayed in the window. Delightful experience to browse around your bright and beautiful store. Keep up all the good work. Jane is a warm and friendly lady-a credit to Mekoe! We are visiting form Adelaide and we will be back !
R.R. - Adelaide

I did my usual pop in just before Melbourne Cup to buy my Fascinator and as usual Mekoe didn't fail me. Thanks again.

11 October 2012
Love your shop, it reminds me of London. Love my bag.

20 September 2012
This is a wonderful shopping experience, don't change !!!! your goods are authentic and well presented. Always find a unique gift here! Thank you again

19 September 2012
Love the service from Jane, she has helped me with the shoes 2 times now and has been so great and patient.

22 August 2012
A lovely shop. Not at all expensive and new things all the time. I can always find something nice. Don't move, Jane is lovely.

20 August 2012
Love the shop and the service was so helpful and I come away with everything I needed for my 2 occasions. It is all so affordable. Just love it. Thank you!

17 August 2012
The bright colours in the shop draw you in, and the service is very friendly. The hats are absolutely gorgeous, after looking for a whole day I came here and within 10 minutes had 2 perfect hats for my occasion. I'm a very happy satisfied customer. Thank you!

31 July 2012
Most wonderful shop!
A. - Sunny bank Hills

14 July 2012
Just love this shop. I just cant help myself, always buying something.

Jane was very helpful. Wonderful service. Wonderful store!

Great customer service skills, Jane was very bubbly and helpful towards us. Thank you.
L & A

I love this shop too. I cam in today to Garden City just to come to your shop. I knew you would have the jewelery that I needed for my sons wedding tomorrow. Well done. Ill be back. Service is great too!!

12 July 2012
I love this shop as the way it is laid out encourages and excites you to keep looking around and being further surprised.

02 July 2012 Love your shop and the colour layout!

Love your shop. Lots of different colours and very reasonable prices.

28 June 2012
You have a real gem in Jane!!! What a great customer service lady.
R.S. -Middle Park

21 June 2012
Lovely things ! Ill be back !!!

05 June 2012
Love the shop, lots of beautiful scarves, lovely displays. French look. NZ would be jealous.
U.C.C. - New Zealand

04 June 2012
Beautiful little shop, fantastic service also. I could buy everything in here.

29 May 2012 Mum really loved the bags in your shop! She reckons that the owner has excellent taste. We are definitely coming back! E.

14 May 2012
Wonderful shop, such a choice and fantastic service. Great time shopping here.
D.W- Western Australia

11 May 2012
as a guy it is very difficult to find the right present for the right girl. In this shop I have always found the most beautiful and stylish things in 5 minutes. Well done.

03 May 2012
Absolutely love this shop! Brought jewelry for an even last year and have come back to purchase a Fascinator. So much variety.

26 April 2012
I am a regular VIP and I also adore the shop. Never looks the same and always makes me drool, this is my little patch of heaven. And Jane is my shopaholic angel!!! love her lots

21 April 2012
I love this shop so much, its a touch of heaven on earth. Makes me feel good.

I absolutely love this shop! I bring all my friends who are looking for something lovely and classy.

Love love love this shop. Beautiful things to buy. Amazing stuff. Very dangerous shop !!!

12 April 2012
I keep coming into this store as it always has great jewelery. My friends love everything I buy.

19 April 2012
Everything artistically displayed and beautiful. Cant walk past without going in.

31 March 2012
Love everything and the prices are good. Keep it.

I am 22 years old and I think this shop is absolutely fabulous. ox!

28 March 2012
Love your shop, wonderful range of everything, I will be back! Thank you.

21 March 2012
the prices are very reasonable – the service was exceptional. All my little gifts were gift wrapped. I hope to come back and buy more.

19 March 2012
Very well set our with colour and glamor.

08 March 2012
I shop in this store frequently- you have a wonderful range and Jane is always so bright and friendly. Cheers,

Just commented to your pleasant sales assistant how impressive the shop looks and the gorgeous hats, shoes and bags that you have in stock. Ill be back.

01 March 2012
Today I was shopping in the shop and I had a lovely time. Thank you!

24 February 2012
Today I was shopping at this wonderful and friendly shop. I am very pleased with the attention and the merchandise.

Just love 'MEKOE' – such beautiful and unusual things, always visit when ever I'm at Garden City.

16 February 2012
Just I love this store. Thank you to my good friend Greg for recognizing my voice from primary school. This boy deserves a pay rise. Love all the beautiful things in the store. Cheers for the red scarf. P.S need more red scarfs!! Cheers,

This store had the most amazing service I have ever received. A young man helped me with every query that I come to him with, I felt very comfortable in his presence and felt that the service was delivered with manners and kindness. I was always greeted with a smile with each question. I could not be more pleased with the service I received. It was great, very impressed! I will definitely be shopping here again! Simply amazing!!! Yours faithfully,

09 February 2012
I came tonight to browse through your store and the level of service provided from the young man was refreshing in today's society. I look forward to returning.
W. & E.
05 October 2011
I just think your displays of such is so feminine and such a real credit to you. Thank you.

16 September 2011
What a beautiful shop- so much to see, my husband was with me and never complained.

02 September 2011
What an interesting shop for a male. I like the way the colours are grouped together, very easy on the eye. Impressive.

24 June 2011
What a wonderful β€œGirlie” shop- absolutely glorious with prices I can afford and fell a million dollars.

21 June 2011
I think this is the most beautifully displayed shop in Garden City. It smells gorgeous to.

14 June 2011
I would just like to say that the service here was amazing and that the staff are very helpful, I would gladly recommend to my friends. Thanks,

10 June 2011
What wonderful service and fab products. I just had the best experience and will be recommending this shop to all my friends.

02 June 2011
I work at Noni. B and this store is beautifully merchandised every single week, without fail.

I was in here yesterday, now back again today. Great gifts, great merchandise and a wonderful helpful lady. Look forward to coming back in august when I am back up from Tasmania.

I just cant go by this unique lovely beautiful boutique. The display is so artistic one just feasts your eyes on it. So much never seen elsewhere.

25 May 2011
Love this beautiful store. So nice to have a look and see your wonderful unique stock.

Thank you Jane for having a beautiful shop it is so lovely.

I love your shop! The colours are so beautiful and seeing every item colour co-ordinated is so inspirational. I hope your adorable 'girlie heaven' shop is here always.

This shop is amazing! The service is impeccable and your hats are beautiful. I will telling all my friends about your shop!

16 April 2011
I have just come in to have a look at your shop. Usually because no one looks or asks if they can help I get away without spending money! Jane assisted me and I have managed to purchase great shoes and lovely scarfs. What a great shop with a lovely assistant.

08 April 2011
Love this shop. So nice to have a little look and discover so many beautiful gifts and trinkets on the shelves. Still lots of room to move around, not at all cluttered.

06 April 2011
This is a lovely shop. The lady is so nice and friendly.
28 March 2011
Jane, Jane, Jane... there is no other. Stunning store!! Amazing service!! Jane is the bomb, my favorite.

Amazing shop. Amazing products!!! Jane served me and was just so helpful. Thank you!!

22 March 2011
Fabulous stock, beautiful things. Jane was great. Very friendly and happy. Will be back.

Lovely shop, but what a lovely lady, go Jane. Will be back.

11 March 2011
First time in store-WOW! Fantastic range and very impressive displays. Wonderful shop, keen to bring my daughter here. Prices fine and everything colourful and eye catching. Well done. Kind regards,

WOW! What an amazing shop. So interesting and fabulous. I will be back!!! Kind Regards,

10 March 2011
I think your store is very unique. Love it ! Good luck. Love the stock. Staff very good.

09 March 2011
Hi my name is S.O, I have shopped twice now in your beautiful store and may I say I love it. The way you merchandise is excellent. We will be back and your staff are fabulous.

08 March 2011
I think the visual merchandising in this store is always fabulous. Each time I walk in I feel is fresh, vibrant and inviting. Jane does a great job with the VM in store.

17 February 2011
The best shop ever. I will come all the way form Carina just because I know I can find what I need
N. Carina

16 February 2011
Most beautiful store, stunning stock and displays will be back.

15 February 2011
Ladies, what an amazing store! We really needed this here, colour merchandising is fab and stock is incredible. Long length mirror would be wonderful if possible.

11 February 2011
How lovely! Great display, beautifully presented, great customer service. Thank you.

10 February 2011
Amazing Haven! My new favorite shop!! See you soon! Sharni amazing too-smiles mean so much. Thank you, you have no idea how it helps.

01 February 2011
I am do glad I have discovered this shop. Unique pieces. Great prices. Lovely, friendly staff.

Beautiful pieces, will be back for more of my special occasions.

I love to but bags from this shop. There is a lot of variety at reasonable prices.

Jane is the best, beautiful pieces. I will be back, great prices.

This is the best shop in Garden City. Never fail to find something at the right price. And just love the manager, she is always so pleasant and helpful!

This beautiful boutique is like a breath of fresh air- absolutely full of variety and colour. Its a pleasure to visit regularly and buy, as prices are very affordable. The manageress is an absolute delight!- hold on to her.

I absolutely adore this little antique shop! Great variety of everything a girl loves. I love purchasing gifts for myself and my friends. I also love the coconut diffusers. I cant wait for you guys to start selling them.

12 January 2011
I just love coming in to your shop. I can browse and enjoy your wonderful treasures. Your staff are awesome. Prices are fantastic.

06 January 2011
Every time I come in I find a beautiful new item to add to my collection. Absolutely gorgeous store. Thank you for contributing to my style.
23 December 2010
I'm a bloke and this is a great shop!!!

17 December 2010
Absolutely fabulous, a real ladies store for young to old and every taste. Thank you, a life saver – I'll be back

13 December 2010
You have such a unique, colourful shop with lovely staff and a vintage scent! Who would have thought a brand new shop could be so awesome!!

21 December 2010
Extremely friendly staff and very helpful. Thank you

21 December 2010
Very elegant and friendly staff.

22 December 2010
What a beautiful β€œBLING” shop. JUST LOVE IT !!!

22 December 2010
WOW. Loved the windows, came in to see all the lovely purple. Walked out after spending $70 very happy!!!

12 December 2010
Stunning store, nothing like it around. I love everything in here.

10 December 2010
Your store looks amazing. I could spend hours looking at all the lovely accessories. I know where to come when I need a special gift.

A absolutely love your shop. Jane is just great and so very helpful. I will be back and bring friends.

Very beautiful store! Gorgeous!! Jane was terrific with her enthusiasm and charisma!! Your products and prices points are fantastic. Thank you

09 December 2010
I was attracted to the shop straight away. What beautiful merchandising, so unique. The shop assistant couldn't have been more helpful. It was a great experience. Will be the word around. I will be back. Thanks

Beautiful store. The stock is displayed wonderfully, great service and everything is reasonably priced.

08 December 2010
I love your shop! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'll definitely be back. Great service too.

I could spend all day here. There is so much to see and I have just bought a beautiful watch. I will be back after Christmas for a better look.

07 December 2010
I thought this was a really expensive shop until I came in, beautiful gifts.

29 November 2010
This is a gorgeous store! Finally a beautiful gift store in Garden City. Wonderful service too.

28 November 2010
Wonderful items at very reasonable prices. Awesome little shop!

21 November 2010
Fantastic women store, a girls dream – great service, friendly staff – didn't want to leave

Garden city has so needed a shop like this LOVE IT! Great for gifts for girlfriends who have everything!! xx

Love this store! Officially my favourite store at Garden City. Such lovely staff and beautiful pieces. I look forward to visiting again before the races.

This is the best shop – just great things – love the shoes, bit and pieces. Great choices to choose from. Keep up the great work.

19 November 2010
Fantastic shop. The hats and fascinators are beautiful and the shop is very well presented.

Shop is beautiful set out and is lovely and bright. Employees especially Jane are very helpful and friendly. Will be calling in, in the future.

Love, Love, Love this shop. Looks absolutely stunning! The girls are just wonderful. Merchandising looks beautiful. Very glamorous! xx

18 November 2010
Wonderful shop. I can always find something that's different than any other shop I know of. Always an enjoyable experience. Thanks

Great service, friendly employees, Monique is absolutely wonderful. Love your shop xx

Great friendly service. Beautiful accessories and amazing colours!

12 November 2010
I COULD LIVE IN THIS SHOP. It's magic. Plus Jane is wonderful – will be back.

There are truly lovely things in your shop. A ladies dream, I especially love the scarves and it's so hard to find scarves like yours. Thank you

I haven't been in this shop before, but find it delightful. Myself and two others have enjoyed our time in here. Will be back – sure has been fun.

I'm one of the nieces above and I second everything Jane was also lovely.

Wonderful things in your shop. I had a ball, could have bought lots more, but anyway I'll be back. Jane was wonderful, bubbly, great pleasure.

11 November 2010
Really love you shop. It lifts my spirit every time I come in. Wonderful service too.

A beautiful shop filled with just magical ideas for all women and lots of present ideas.

Loves this shop – staff excellent, quality item and lovely service..

I love this shop! After much looking today is my first purchase. I love the lovely displays and could look all day! I will be back

FANTASTIC EVERYTHING! Staff are so beautiful, friendly and helpful x

10 November 2010
I have been searching for months for some nice belts and stumbled across your shop. WOW. It is absolutely amazing and the presentation just perfect! I haven't seen anything like it anywhere and I live on the north side of town.

This is by far the most beautiful and classy fashion accessory store I have ever shopped in. Beautiful and vast selection with friendly and helpful assistant. I will definitely come again...I live in Ipswich and especially made the journey today.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Fantastic will tell everyone at home!!!

Wonderful things to buy and great service.

09 November 2010
I'd like to bring my pillow and live in this shop. BEST SHOP EVER!!! Thank you

08 November 2010
Love the shop! Lots of different items to choose from.

I enjoy coming to shop here because of Jane and Monique.

Love the place – just want keep coming back.

WOW! ---I keep on coming back – A real credit to the lady... Beautiful displays and lovely window displays.

Enjoyed looking around this beautiful shop. Presenation spot on. Colours all match. When I win the lotto I will buy, buy and buy.

06 November 2010
I love working here

05 November 2010
Great display and service.

Mekoe-- a veritable Aladdin's Cave of Treasure. I love to entice mi'lady. The variety is exceptional, the range extensive and all enticingly displayed. The lovely surprise is the prices. How do you do it! I have purchased several pieces and will continue to return and recommend this store to many others. Your sales assistant / manager is a consistently f riendly, helpful and cheerful in dealing with customers. She arranges the displays attractively so that new items are immediately noticeable. Thank you, Jane! It is a pleasure to shop at Mekoe. P.S: I have not been paid for this advertisement!!

I have looked in this shop a few times and always leave thinking about something I saw. Today I had the pleasure of purchasing the most prettiest shoes I have ever seen. I will be back. Beautiful Store!

Love this shop!! Too many beautiful pieces to choose from.

Absolutely gorgeous shop. Great ideas. Very sassy and unique. A joy to come into.

04 November 2010
Beautiful shop I will be back.

First time in the shop. Beautiful display. Great prices, Expected more expensive prices.

I love it.

03 November 2010
Absolutely beautiful bling!!!

02 November 2010
Jane was extremely helpful and pleasant. An excellent sales assistant.

This store is great!! Lots of variety and fantastic help and service.

01 November 2010
Very friendly staff. Most helpful in choosing purchase of fascinators. Well set out shop with a big range of colourful merchandise.

Hi, you have a great selection in your shop, I was very impressed with all the colours and designs and your staff are lovely!Thank you

Wonderful staff / service and excellent selection of fascinators and other accessories. A much enjoyed experience. Will certainly return.

The shop stands out as soon as you walk past. It is a shop to remember, with wonderful items. I wish I could buy the whole shop! I'll definitely be back! Jane was wonderful help as well.

"Its not what we say, Its what our customers say about us."

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